first year of texnoforge 🎂

texnoforge completed one full orbit around the central star ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

first projects announced!

Please see the new projects page as we finally announce first 3 official texnoforge projects!

Expect us to update projects with more information as we work on them and hopefully some blog posts focused on specific problems/techs we encounter on the road towards technological enlightenment.

wheels of progress cannot be stopped

Since the beginning of time until year 2018, there was no texnoforge. The symbol texnoforge meant nothing as there were no thoughts associated with it.

Today, texnoforge exists as a:

  • company
  • entity
  • project
  • website
  • symbol with associations in human minds

As a company, we didn't generate any profit but that wasn't our goal for this cycle. Instead, we've summoned texnoforge into existence from t͙̝͍͖h͓̣̣̻̬e̸͓̫͓̪͉ͤ͒̾͆͊̔̔ ͍͈̘ͪ̓͞v̵͔͚̯͔̘͉̏̐̐ͥo̐i̢̼̳͍̤͕̻̋͆ď̞̯͎̤̒͋̑̂ and empirically proven that its existence is not only possible, but sustainable regardless of harsh realities of global financial system.

I reckon we surpassed minimum requirements for survival by quite a bit as I meet friends who proudly wear our limited edition texnoforge t-shirts and they indeed know that texnoforge exists and even what it is to some degree. The number of people who already know and support us is surprisingly high given the fact we created nothing extraordinary yet.

We're slowly accelerating towards our goals as we learn new technologies - progress is undeniable and our speed only increases with time as we gain skill. It's entirely within our grasp to produce something extraordinary eventually and we're not really in a hurry. On the contrary, great things take time and passion and we currenlty posses both.

year two plans

  • continue doing what we're doing :)
  • find artists to make great art with - TexnoArt project
  • make demos for you to play with
  • get closer to steam releases
  • create new FAQ page to answer various questions about texnoforge