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  1. VR report #1: too much hassle

    After more than a year of owning VR headsets it's about time for the first VR report.

    As of beginning of 2021, PC VR situation with Valve Index and Oculus Rift S is best summarised with following quote:

    "It's too much hassle."

    -- fire of texnoforge

    VR is really an impressive …

  2. indie game dev's rant on Unreal Engine 4

    We've spent last year and a half learning Unreal Engine 4. It's indeed a powerful and high performance engine with impressive graphical results which is pushing game industry forward. However, as a single indie game developer following certain vision, I found Unreal unfit for my purposes to a point where …

  3. Words of Power devlog #1: Theory of Magic

    Welcome to the first ever texnoforge devlog about magic system in our upcoming game Words of Power which is focused on spellcasting and interactive invocation of magic using hand-drawn symbols.

    This post describes high level concepts of proposed magic system such as symbols, words, alphabets and sentences without going into …

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