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  1. Black and White Jam #8β†·βˆž Report - DROOP

    I've decided to join my first game jam in order to test my gamedev skills as well as meet and cooperate with artists who share my enthusiasm for creating games.

    I was delighted to discover that itch.io/jams has a calendar full of indie game jams …

  2. Words of Power devlog #4: Free and Open Core

    After finishing prototype MK1, the time has come for me to decide which game engine to use for Words of Power. The choice of proper tools is critical to any project so I've spent much time searching.

    Finally, I can reveal the exciting future of Words of Power βŠ‚(βœ°β€Ώβœ°)぀

    Free …

  3. VR report #1: too much hassle

    After more than a year of owning VR headsets it's about time for the first VR report.

    As of beginning of 2021, PC VR situation with Valve Index and Oculus Rift S is best summarised with following quote:

    "It's too much hassle."

    -- fire of texnoforge

    VR is really an impressive …

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