texnoforge is eager to cooperate with artists!

Truth be told, we suck at art ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

However, we're able and willing to use state of the art technology in order to create digital/virtual pieces of art such as videogames, VR experiences or art galleries. In order to create something extraordinary, cooperation with artists is unevitable.

TexnoArt is an official texnoforge project about establishing cooperation between engineers (us) and artists (you?) in order to create great works of digital/virtual art using modern technology in fusion with various schools of art - old and new ones.

We're going to need high quality content including:

We'd love to build games (and other creations) centered around original art!

driver: voice of texnoforge

status: looking for artists who like technology

platform: real and digital world

Hey YOU! Yes you. Want to do some... ART?

Here, follow this flow chart to find out if it's worth a try:

If you arrived at the "AWESOME" node, please do contact us.

We can help you make your art live "forever" in the cyberspace by embedding it in a videogame! We can create all kinds of games, VR experiences, and even web apps. If you can create interesting art, we can cooperate and create something grand together.

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