status update: FULL UNREAL mode engaged

good news, everyone!

After a much needed break from corporate exploitation and work in general, texnoforge has gone FULL UNREAL!

We've been occasionally playing with Unreal Engine past year and we hit no critical issues. We also ran out of good videogames to play so now we're developing our own games in Unreal Engine on a daily basis ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

new stage of history & new skills page

Our Unreal Engine knowledge and skills are approaching a level where we can help with real game development and accept first texnoforge contracts.

I've updated the status to reflect this and also created a brand new skills page which attemps to visualize our software skill tree in order to make it easier for others to decide whether we can help them or not. It's incomplete yet but I'm happy with the first iteration.

future is now!

In the near future I plan to add similar chart for our Unreal and game development skills too in order to make the skills page a definitive reference to our abilities and problems we're able to help with efficiently.

Aside from funding our existence and honing our unreal skills, we're also interested in artistic kind of interactions. I'm afraid we're much better engineers than we are artists but videogames are art so we need to establish cooperation with the right artists in order to succeed. I need to make our desire to create great works of art with others explicit, probably on a new art page.


We're finally getting to play with some interesting game systems so expect blog posts about our prototypes appearing increasingly more often. Here, have a sneak peak.

This is a screenshot from fire of texnoforge's mysterious prototype which I'm not gonna spoil. What exactly is in the picture is left as an excercise to the dear reader.

Here you can witness primitive huts I modelled in Blender being randomly placed on procedurally generated voxel terrain: