voice of texnoforge is free yet again ⎝༼ ◕д ◕ ༽⎠

Today I finally ended my full-time work contract after nearly 7 years of being a corporate asset!

Even though I enjoyed working with and on free and open source software, I myself wasn't free in any way. My working hours, goals, responsibilities, individual tasks, and rewards were decided by someone else and this external management was extremely ineffective compared to me doing whatever I want. The power of motivation isn't to be underestimated.

In ancient times, I started as a freelancer jumping from project to project as I pleased/needed and I'm returning to that state of being my own master after nearly a decade as it seems to be the only state that really suits me. I'm also fairly certain I value illusion of freedom above illusions of stability and security and thus from now I'm gonna carve my own path and bear full consequences of my actions - fruits of success and bitterness of failure.

texnoforge is the missing artifact I created to channel my craft into this world in a sustainable way.

I am finally free yet again, my spirit is unbreakable, and my voice shall shape

texnoforge, the Forge of Virtual Worlds

in order to create that which has never been and find purpose on the way.