Words of Power devlog #5: Introducing wopeditor

It's my great pleasure to finally introduce first ever texnoforge Free and Open Source project as promised in Free and Open Core devlog!

Behold, the Words of Power Editor python Kivy edition or python-wopeditor for short 🥳

EDIT: python-wopeditor was superseded by the new wopeditor written in Godot Engine.

Core Symbols Challenge

In case you want to test python-wopeditor wopeditor in a meaningful way, I've prepared a creative challenge for you that will help me with the development:

You can also complete the challenge with pen & paper or any other drawing method if you don't want to play with python-wopeditor.

First analog submission is awesome and I'm looking forward to more community creations!

Central Mod Repo - wop.mod.io

wopeditor includes modding integration from the very first version.

TexnoMagic alphabets can be exported from wopeditor using export button into a single .zip file which can be uploaded to wop.mod.io as a mod. It's simple - see mod upload HOWTO.

Furthermore, all mods from wop.mod.io are displayed by default in wopeditor and can be downloaded for local use and modifications in a single click.

wop.mod.io is going to serve as a central mod repository for all software using TexnoMagic format like wopeditor and future Words of Power (and hopefully other) games. This should allow building large amount of high quality community content over time which can be enjoyed and reused in multiple different games/apps making contribution meaningful in a long run.

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