Words of Power

Magic simulator featuring dynamic spell language, hand-drawn symbol recongition, and interactive destructible world. Draw magic symbols in right shapes and sequence to invoke powerful spells and change the world itself using the Words of Power.

Words of Power is a long-term project exploring the use of symbol recognition technology to create immersive magic systems. All this interesting tech as well as related tools including powerful magic editor is provided as free and open source software available to everyone in hopes of building a thriving open community of people interested in languages, digital magic, and machine learning.

This open foundation will be used by texnoforge to build interesting commercial videogames because we need to fund our existence but at least the core is free and open as it should be.

Even if first Words of Power game happens to suck, all the interesting tech as well as all user generated content (in this case MAGIC) will be available for future projects in TexnoMagic format which is built to last.

driver: voice of texnoforge



Words of Power overview


TexnoMagic is a free and open core python library, server, and format for digital magic providing (not only) scientific features required by Words of Power and wopeditor.

Please read more in the friendly TexnoMagic docs or TexnoMagic intro devlog.

Words of Power Editor - wopeditor

wopeditor is a free and open source magic/mod editor in development by texnoforge for Words of Power project.

Modding integration is available through wop.mod.io.

You can participate in Core Symbols Challenge using wopeditor - become a magic pioneer!

Please see wopeditor docs for up-to-date info.

User Generated Magic

wop.mod.io mod portal hosts first few community-created magic alphabets in TexnoMagic which are available for view:

Furthermore, TexnoMagic library enables easy integration of community magic into any software.

Past Prototypes

successfully prototyped in Unreal Engine prototype MK1

Read more about MK1.

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